My pattern calls for me to dec all p5 to p4; then a few rows later ater all p4 to p3, etc. with the work getting narrower and narrowwer. My question is…do I do the dec on the first two purl stitches or the last two, or does it even matter? Thanks!

It sounds like you should decrease the first two and the last two. The pattern says decrease ALL, right?

What I mean is, of the first 5 purl stitches, should I start the decrease with the first two stitches?

I think it probably doesn’t matter, though I’d probably start with the middle sts. Purl 1 or 2, p2tog, purl 1 or 2. Then the next p1, p2tog, p1. After that, you’ll have to dec on either the first 2 or last 2…