Hi, I am knitting a Noro raglan jumper and I’m a bit confused with the decreasing the armholes. If I count the decrease stitches I end up with more stitches than the pattern states.
86 stitches
Bind off 5 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows (76) stitches remaining
Dec row: k2 ssk work in pattern to last 4 stitches k2tog k2 (2 decreases made) (74)
Rep dec row every other row once (72)
Every 4th row 7 times (-14) (58)
Every 2nd row 2 times (-4) (54) stitches remaining
Pattern reads I should have 42 stitches.
The difference in pattern and my knitting is 14 stitches so I’m thinking I am reading the pattern incorrectly.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forum!
Your number are correct. What is the name of the pattern?
If there are different sizes, check that those are the right row numbers for your size. It may well be a mistake in the pattern.

There is a page for errata by magazine issue in case this pattern is from Noro magazine.