Hi, I’m making a cardigan from a pattern from I believe that the website is American and so the instructions in the pattern are a little different. After doing the initial rib on the back it says to decrease on the next 20 rows 1 st. I presumed that meant decrease 1 st on the next 20 rows so if I started out with 104 sts. it would then leave me with 84sts. But this is not the case as besidethe instruction it then says ( 64 sts). You do not then decrease any more until you have reached the desired length to reach the armholes.
Do you think that this is an error because of the amount of sts or do I do the initial decreasing in the first 20 rows and then gradually decrease up to the armholes to get down to the 64 sts.

I hope that makes sense and someone can help please.

Thanks, Alison

What is the pattern name? Can you give a link if at all possible? (Don’t post the pattern here just a link)

It may be an pattern error somewhere. If you only decrease 1 stitch you’d end up with 84 as you mentioned. If you decrease 2 you’d end up with 64. What part of the sweater is this? Could you be needing to decrease 1 at each end?

Jan-in-CA that is what I was thinking that she might need to be decrease a single stitch on both ends of the row. It is the back of the sweater according to what she has written. Be careful clicking on “” it comes up as a sexual advertisement and may be corrupt

Hi, thanks the website is and the pattern is called
cable edge jacket tolten.
The pattern is free so you will be able to see it without spending any
Here’s the part of the pattern. It’s the line just before ‘armholes’ that
I’m querying.

Thanks for your help. Alison

Darcie2005 thank you for clarifying the website. I clicked on what was highlighted in blue in your posting which was I was concern because I do not want anyone’s computer to get a bug. Thank you, thank you!

September 12

Darcie2005 thank you for clarifying the website. I clicked on what was
highlighted in blue in your posting which was I was concern
because I do not want anyone’s computer to get a bug. Thank you, thank you!
My post said knittingfever. com not

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Jan’s right, it must be a mistake in the pattern. I don’t see any errata listed online or at the few projects listed on Ravelry.
Do as Jan suggests and decrease at each end of the row. You’ll need to do the same at the armholes in order to get down to 26sts (i.e. dec at each end). At the given gauge, that’ll give you a final measurement of about 7" which is consistent with the schematic at the end of the pattern.

Go to your original post I clicked on what was highlighted in light blue and that is what came up…I know I am 63 years old but I am not losing my mind, even my son who is a tech saw it. I just wanted to point it out so that it would not harm anyone’s computer. No one is saying that it was intentional or anything. Click on the #2 right next to it and tell me what comes up!!!


Funny how 10 minutes after my last post your original post has been editted. Well sorry if i caused an issue just a cocerned individual all that was necessary was an acknowledgement that am error had been made. Thats it no more will be said by me

How much longer does this need to be? If each left edge and each right edge get one dec ea then that would be a total dec of 40 sts.

My first thought was dec ea end. It’s not well written IMO and the country it’s from isn’t the problem here.

I am curious about that fever dot com link. But I’m not going there. Thanks for the head up @trisha54 even though it was fixed before I saw it.

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You are welcome GrumpyGramma. Even though i felt that others weren’t as grateful. Like I said my intention was to make sure that no one infected their computer nothing more then that, therefore i appreciate your comment.

Strangely enough I’m not too concerned about getting a virus. They’re mostly aimed at Microsoft. I’ve not done Windows in lo these many years. :smile: I love my Linux OS!!! Just the same, I appreciate that you cared enough to give the heads up.

Thanks GrumpyGramma i have become more diligent because my son is a compuyer tech and has explain how viruses arr embedded in systems. He explained how important it is to have a good firewall.

Firewalls for sure are important. I also run a tracker blocker and that helps. Those trackers are nasty little buggers and can reveal your deepest, darkest secrets it seems. And I don’t want them analysing my every keystroke. I remember having to defrag and run malware scans regularly. I don’t miss that at all. Defrag may be a dinosaur but I see enough about viruses to know the malware scans aren’t.

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I agree 100%

If it is the back you are doing and the medium size, it does say to decrease one stitch at the beginning of every row. You would end up with 64 stitches. Also, I doubt the pattern is American. We almost never use CM in our patterns.