Decreasing with DPNs

I am going to start another thread for this instead of keeping it on the pattern thread.

I have been watching lots of videos on how to change to DPNs for decreasing a hat. I hope to get the hang of it eventually. My first question is when you are done and it’s time to pull the loop through with a needle, do you just slide off all of the DPNS at once and that’s it?

This is the best video yet.
When I watch this one, I get hopeful. :lol:

If you’re asking what I think you are once you cut the yarn and thread through, yes, you just pull the needles out and make sure the last loop is bound off and the tail is buried. Same if you’re using circulars. Done is done (and it’s such a glorious moment :slight_smile: )

I take the stitches off the knitting needle one at time as I put the yarn needle through them. Or two at a time if I happen to go through two stitches at the same time. I used to try to take the end of the yarn through all the stitches before removing them from the knitting needle for fear of dropping one but that was a royal pita for me.

Update on my DPN worries. I finally got the nerve to try DPN’s and even though I did it wrong, I can say I did it! I managed to patch things up so that it wasn’t ruined and hopefully, I will knit this hat again and get it right next time. Good thing is I got the feel of DPN’s and got over my dread. :happydance: Had to do some frogging but I count this as my practice piece and pretty much conquered my phobia. I march on!

Thanks to all,