Decreasing with Circular Needles

I just finished my first hat on circular needles - all in all, it came out okay although it’s a little shorter than I had hoped. Still a success.

I had a lot of problems doing the decrease on circular needles - is it typical to struggle through the last few rows or was my cable too long if this happened to me?

I CO 90 stitches and worked my way down to ten - I am not sure off the top of my head how long the cable was, but what would you suggest for a good length?

Thanks! :hug:

When your stitch number gets to be less than the length of the circular, it is harder to do. You can use Magic loop, (or a half ML where you only loop on the right needle) or use 2 circs or dpns to finish.

I always work the last few rows with dpn.

Yup, as the others have said, most times as you decrease the number of stitches it just gets too hard to stretch the remaining ones along your cable. I like to transfer to dpns, but that’s just my preference. As Sue posted you can also do magic loop or work with two circulars to get the same result.

Thanks for the input - I don’t have dpn’s yet…I guess it’s time to graduate to those! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed working with the circular needles, though…seems to go faster!