Decreasing the knotted openwork stitch

I’m trying to make a hat using the knotted openwork stitch to match the scarf that I just finished. I can’t find any patterns for a hat and I’m fairly new at this so I’m not sure how to do the decrease.

Decreasing in pattern requires being able to read your stitches to see where you’d then need to change up the stitch pattern to continue to work after you’ve decreased a stitch. If you aren’t comfortable with that, I’d recommend just changing to stockinette. You’ll find many hat patterns with complex stitches just switch to stockinette when they get to the decrease section because it’s simpler to figure out than dealing with the complex stitch.

If you want to decrease in pattern, I’d do the k3 part as k1, k2tog, then pass the first stitch over. This allows you to keep the YO increase, which is important for maintaining the look of the pattern. At some point, you’ll have to drop the YO’s as well, though. It will become difficult to maintain the pattern stitch once you have too few stitches per repeat left. Continue on with doing decreases by passing the stitch over rather than k2tog and you’ll be faking it well.

Thank you so much for your guidance. This does sound rather complicated for my skill set so I think I’ll change to the stockinette for the decrease.