Decreasing stitches on dishcloth

I have just started knitting and started with a dishcloth. It’s the pattern with the a hole a couple of stitches from the end. When i was increasing the holes were quite small, but now when I’m decreasing the holes are bigger because I had a hard time getting the needle in to k2tog or yo k2tog. So now my dishcloth looks lopsided? Any suggestions? :knitting:

I wouldn’t worry about it, probably from the yo between the decs. They’ll even out when you wash or use it.

Is it the diagonal one with eyelets along the edge? If so that one never matches up perfectly, but like Sue says washing will help. Besides, it’s a dishcloth so… :wink:

Thanks everyone - yes it is the diagonal one with the eyelits…

I’m just a beginner and am too having difficulty with this pattern. It’s the diagonal with an eyelet edge. I’m wondering if the pattern is not correct, I got it online.
The decrease says only to K2, YO, K2tog, however that does not decrease the same as the increases and ends up not a square but way out of shape. I’ve tried K2, YO, K2tog, then another K2tog, I’m wondering if I need to K2, K2tog, YO, K2tog on one side then do I need to Ssk, YO, Ssk on the other side to get the slants right and left?
Thanks for any help.

Are you on the decrease rows? The k2 yo k2tog would keep the same number of stitches, you need to k2tog, yo k2tog at the beg of every edge.

I think we’ve answered this in your other post.

It’s a different person in the other thread.