Decreasing Stitches in the Round

Okay, taking a break from the afghan. I’m working on another baby hat, knitting in the round for the first time ever. My question is on decreasing stitches; how can you decreases stitches since you need stitches all the way around the circular needles?
Also, am I making any sense?

And I see that I put this in the wrong spot. Sorry!

At this point you have to switch to double-pointed needles or use the techniques like two circs for small diameter or magic loop.

There are videos here:

I was trying to avoid using DPNs because they looked intimidating, but after watching that video, I realize how simple it is! Thank you so much Ingrid, and Amy!!!

Shhh! Don’t tell any non-knitters how easy they are!:teehee:

The best way to learn is at the top of a hat.:thumbsup:

So I’m looking for needles to order, do you recommend Stitchberry? Just curious.

Not familiar with them. Most of mine are Clover bamboo–less slippery than others. I have some from Knitpicks, too, which are pointier but slicker. Depends on the yarn I’m using and which ones I can find.:aww:

Thanks. I keep reading that their great for a start, but split a lot. I want something that will last. The Clover needles are only a few dollars more and last almost forever. I love them!!!
Thanks so much for your help!

Needles are like toothbrushes. They’re individual things tailored to the user and you probably won’t find any two knitters who use exactly the same equipment. It’s your personal preference. That may change as you gain more experience. I use traveling or single loop for my hats. I’m using a 32 inch circular because it came with the set (Knitpicks interchangeables). One of these days I will buy a 40. I switch to magic loop when it’s time for the decreases. You’ll see a lot of the big name yarn manufacturers with free patterns give you a list of things you “have” to buy to complete your project. Many times they tell you to use a certain length circular and switch to double points for the decreases when the needle gets too difficult to use. My opinion is that they do this to sell you more needles that you don’t need. I use my long circulars for everything, including making Icords. It’s more difficult, but it can be done. Ive gotten all the way down to one or two stitches with my circulars. One of the advantages is that the needles don’t slide out like with double points. Done knitting for the day? Push your work onto the cable and your work stays secure with no dropped stitches.