? Decreasing sleeves Men's Chunky Tunic

Place marker at underarm. 80,(80,80) stitches for all sizes.
Working in stocking stitch work 25,(20,15) rows decrease 1 stitch at beginning end of next and every following 4th row to 105,(100, 95) rows and 40 stitches for all sizes. Change to 4.5mm 40cm needle work 15 rows garter stitch pattern. Cast off loosely purlwise. Complete 2nd sleeve to match.

Free pattern on this site: Men’s Chunky Tunic
I have 80 sts on circular needles and have placed a marker at the underarm.
I do not understand the decreases instructions…I could not make the math equate on paper.

The very next row, after marking the underarm is the first decrease row. The first stitch in this row is the first decrease (knit 2 together), leaving 79 sts.
The next decrease row would be the fourth row, first st. (knit 2 together), leaving 78 sts.

The pattern reads work 20 rows decrease….with only 1 decrease in twenty rows it would leave 60 stitches not 40.

If there is a mistake in the pattern and they mean 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the next row and every following 4th row; (2 decreases in each row. instead of 1),
I understand.

This would mean the 76th row would be the last decrease row (the 20th decrease row) and leave 40 stitches on the needle. I would keep knitting the 40 sts for 24 more rows
(100 rows total).

But I do not understand the pattern decreases instructions as written.

Thanks to anyone able to help me!

I think that it is missing the AND…so in that case, you are doing as you assume…:slight_smile: does that help?

I think you’ve got the math right - 2 sts dec on 5 dec rows = 20 sts decreased, not 40. Since you need to work about 100 rows, I’d just continue decreasing every 4th row after that until you get down to 40 sts. I think that’s the crucial number, not the 25 rows.

Thanks for replying…It may be a typo.

I thought of that too.

Since I want the sleeves to fit like the picture on the pattern and the sleeves look rather full- I will take your advice of the more gradual decrease method.
Thank you Heather!

I thanked Heather for replying.
And my last post should have ended with
Thank you Sue!

Any time…

In checking further, there would still be 54 stitches on the circular needle after the 100th row (there should only be 40).

If I try it the way Heather suggested 2 decreases each row instead of 1 will the sleeves still be fairly full? I wanted to keep it as close to the pattern as possible…there must be a typo or error somewhere. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Yes, to keep to this pattern you dec 2 sts every 4th row. Most sweater patterns have you dec 2 sts each decrease row. Though in the round, I’ve done it 1 st, but twice as often. That is, instead of 2 sts every 2", dec 1 st every inch. It shouldn’t effect the fullness much, look at the picture.

Thank you for your help Sue!