Decreasing Ribbing

So I decided to try to turn this pattern into a full on pair of mittens. I’ve done about 14 extra rounds and want to start decreasing to shape the hand, but I’m not really sure how to go about that without making the k4p1 ribbing all sloppy. Anyone have any experience with this or any ideas? It would be a huuuge help.

Off the top of my head, there are a few ways you could proceed.
You could eliminate the purl row on the first pass of decreases and finish in stockinette.
Or, you could decrease at the center of the knit stitches (stitches 2 & 3) and maybe then do a double decrease on those 3 stitches down to a k1p1 ribbing.:shrug:

thanks alot, ill try those, see what looks good.

You could work it as you would the toe of a sock and decrease at both sides of the mitten. You would then be able to keep in pattern except where the decreases start eating into it. Then you can graft the fingertip just like you graft the toe of a sock.