Decreasing question

When decreasing in some patterns, it calls to knit 2 together. Okay, that’s easy, but then others say to 'slip as if to knit, or slip as if to purl, then knit 2 together. Why do the “slip”. What is the purpose of that? Does it make the decrease more obvious?

It twists the sts so they lean the other way, I believe.

A k2tog is a right-leaning decrease.

I’m definitely not an expert in decreasing, but I think a k2tog is often paired with a ssk (or something similar) - one on each end of the row so that the decreases take on a certain shape and are even. so you have one that leans right and one that leans left on the other end. I can’t say whether or not it’s real obvious, but it’s generally done for a reason. I’m doing this now in a sweater, but my yarn is black, so it’s not sticking out at me.

k2tog leans right, ssk leans left. Fibergirl is right in that they are often not noticeable, but when they are in a place or yarn where you can see them, it adds a nice touch to the finish.

So, knitting a hat on two needles, has the stitches leaning in the same direction? Mine are noticable and doesn’t look very neat. :thinking:

Does it say psso anywhere? When I see slip before a decrease, I expect a psso.

Maybe its because i’ve done about a foot of Cozy today and sl, k2tog, psso is on my mind. Wow, my fingers are tired, it’s an effort to type!

Yes, it does say psso and I have been doing that. I’m just messy right now. I finished a small hat already and it’s not very good. It was my first hat though, so I’m sort of kind of proud of it. I’m just wondering abou the k2tog and the slip stitch.