Decreasing problems

Please help with the directions below. How do I figure out which rows to decrease? This is Dolce handknit Monterey pattern, right front, with 104 stitches cast on, neck shaping:
On next row 2 or 6, dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 64 times as foll:K2, K2tog, work in patt as set to end - 40 sts.
BUT - when bowknot sts fall at neck edge:
A bowknot can be worked if 1 but not more than one of the three bowknot sts (K3 on row 3 or 7) falls within 4 sts adjacent to neck edge. When this occurs, work Row 3 and 7 as set then work next row 4 or 8 as foll: K3, p2tog, k1 in st. below, p1.
If more than 1 of the 3 bowknot stitches falls within the 4 sts adjacent to neck edge, work them in St st for these rows.

Do the 4 sts adjacent to neck edge include the one stitch that falls outside the even pattern?