Decreasing pattern question

I don’t know what this means… the pattern says, Continue to work as established, changing to larger dpn’s when necessary, until sleeve measures 17 inches from armhole at underarm. Decrease evenly over the next row to 44 stitches.
I understand everything until it says to decrease evenly — what does that mean? decrease every stitch until I get 44 stitches??

my decrease pattern is: k1, ssk, k to within 3 stitches of marker, k2tog, k1.

It means to spread out the decreases around to decrease for the cuff.
Here is a calculator.

This " k1, ssk, k to within 3 stitches of marker, k2tog, k1." is the dec pattern to use to taper the sleeve. But when you are 17" from the underarm you will decrease sts down to 44. This may mean you k3, k2tog, or k2, k2tog all the way around the sleeve so they’re evenly spaced, not bunched up on one side of the sleeve.

How do you know if you k3 or k2 before the decreases? Will that chart that Ingrid posted tell me? I’m not to this point yet, I’m still working on the sleeve. But that decrease to 44 sts. makes no sense to me.

How many sts will you have when you reach the correct length? If it’s something like 54, then you need to dec 10 sts around which would be something like k3, k2tog 10 times and there should be about 3-4 sts before the marker which is an evenly spaced decrease.