Decreasing on hats

So, question… I want to knit a hat on circular needles, but i dont have the double pointed needles to decrease at the top… what shall i do besides buy the dpns? any help?

When you are knitting a hat on a circular needle, you need dpn needles when it is hard to knit on a circular needle. What people have told me they have done. I have not. Is try to pull the bend area of the circular needle out so you are making a smaller circular. If that make any sense. Let me know.

You can switch to using two circulars or one long one for using Magic Loop. Other than that you have to use DPN’s or have a gathered top.

Two circular needles

Magic Loop

This little hat has a gathered top so you could do something like this, too.

You may be able to use the circ you have to work the smaller area on the top. You pull out the cord partway along the right side to shorten it and knit until you come around again. Repeat as far as you can, then you can pull it out on both sides for a Magic loop. Once you get down to 8-12 stitches it gets harder to do and you can probably finish off at that point.