Decreasing on front edge for cardigan

My first time on this forum so thanks for the opportunity to post questions.
I’m knitting a child’s cardigan (I’m fairly inexperienced but have done a jumper before), and am not sure about a particular decrease stitch for the front.
I’ve done the back with a raglan edge and am doing same for the front. I’m up to the bit indicated in the photo, where I am to decrease on the front edge every 4th row, and am not sure whether the decrease (which will be at the beginning of a purl row) is P1, sl 1, psso, then purl to the end. Or am I supposed to P2, sl 1, P1, psso, purl to the end. I think it’s the first, but could someone please help? Thanks in advance.

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What is the name of your pattern and designer?
It looks like the odd rows are knit and the even rows purl and you are ending on a purl row. The next row would be a knit row so all the decs are knits
If you would do a dec on a purl row then for the front slope it would be sl1, p1, psso but you likely won’t need this.
For the armhole, you would maintain the 2stitch edge by ending the dec with P2.

ETA: The sl1, p1, psso won’t maintain the slant of the decreases. Better to work a p2tog tbl here.

Thank you! Very grateful for your help.
The pattern is an old Patons Classic Collection in 5 & 8 ply for Children. Not sure who the designer is.
It looks to me like all the knit rows are decreases on armhole and front edges, but the instructions also say to, at the same time, decrease on the front edge every 4th row. Being an even row, wouldn’t that make it the purl rows?

For the front slope, decrease as in Row 3. The decrease at the end of the knit row is for the left front slope (left as you wear the cardi) and is on the last 2sts.
If you need to work the corresponding dec on a purl row it would be better to work a p2tog through the back loop to maintain the slant of the decrease. I don’t think the decreases need to be on purl rows however.
Maybe from this booklet?

Yes that’s exactly the pattern!
I get the knit row decreases (“Dec as before at armhole edge in next and alternate rows 13 times in all”) but it’s the next part of the instruction I may be misreading:
“AT SAME TIME dec at front edge in next and foll 4th rows 7 times in all”

I took this to mean decrease next, then 3 rows later (which I thought is the fourth from the first decrease row) but am I miscounting and it’s actually the row after that, making it a knit row?

My questions are probably confusing and repetitive, and I’m sorry if so! I get easily mixed up reading patterns.

Patterns are so often confusing. Each designer or pattern company has its own way of specifying directions.
I find it helps to write out the row numbers so if you call the next row, row 1 then count 3 rows, the 4th row is row 5. So decrease at the front edge on rows 1,5,9,13,17 and 21.
The decreases at the armhole edge are on rows 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 and 21. That’s 17 decreases total taking the stitch number from 38 to 21.
All are on odd number rows. Have fun working the rest of the cardigan!

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I just stopped by to cheer you on.
Don’t worry about asking the same question again, it’s better to ask again rather than being confused and unable to continue.
I’m usually relatively okay with pattern instructions… until I’m not and need to ask several times for help.

I saw your post earlier and I knew logically these decreases were not happening on the purl row and yet I still counted incorrectly and eneded up with a purl, just like you, so don’t feel alone in miscounting.

The next bit of instruction with “following 6th” can also be confusing and appear to be a purl row but will also be on the knit rows.

I hope you are able to get past the tricky bit and enjoy the rest of it.

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Thank you both! I am def on L plates with knitting, so I really appreciate your help and support.

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