Decreasing on Circulars instead of DPNs-Possible?

I started the hat on Circs is it possible to decrease with Circs instead of DPNs- as required by the pattern?(I dont know how to use DPNs)

Place stitch markers every 10 stitches and switch to DPNs for decreases.
Row 10 Knit one row plain
Row 11 k7, yo, slip 1 k2tog psso (90 st)
Row 12 knit all st
Row 13 k6, yo slip 1 k2tog psso (80 st) <----- and so the decreasing continues…

The hat is pretty lovely I must add:woot:

Sure. You can use two circular needles or Magic Loop. Both techniques are in the advanced techniques of our videos tab at the top of the page. I usually use two circular needles for circular knitting that doesn’t fit a hat needle (16").

Im lazy can I just use one?

Yes, Magic Loop just uses one. You need a circular about 32" or longer, or you can do Modified Magic Loop with a 24 or 29 inch. If you are using a 16 inch circular for the bottom of the hat you can’t use that because it’ll stretch out the stitches way too much. I personally find two circs easier, but many people love ML.

ll give it a try.

okay, I think I figured out what went wrong for me by your answer here for someone else. But to clarify, I knit a baby hat for the first time on circs and the pattern did not tell me to switch to dpns. As I tried decreasing, it got harder and harder to get the stitches off and several of them stretched really badly. I used the required circ length the pattern recommended. Should I have switched over to dpns or a longer circ in order to avoid the stretching problem?

Yes, as soon as your sts don’t fit on the circ easily, go to dpns or a longer needle. The stretched out sts will probably even out when you wash the hat.

I always switch over to dpns, when it gets too small. When you are ready to switch over, just knit the next row with the dpns instead of the circular, putting an equal amount of stitches on each needle.

Magic Loop and 2 circulars is another option, if you want to learn that technique. Good luck!