Decreasing on Cardigan

This is the first time I’ve made a cardigan and I’m a little confused at this part. I’ve attached the sleeves and now I’m going to start decreasing (I believe it’s a raglan style). It says to dec by k2tog , ssk 4 times. Then it says to Dec as set on every RS row a total of 6 times.

So I’m wondering do I just do one wrong side row after that and dec the 6 times every right side row right after each other or do I need to have more rows in between the decreases. It just seems like that is a lot of decreasing so close together.

Yes, do the decs on the RS rows with a plain WS row; you’ll have 6 dec rows or 12 rows total. Raglans do have the decs every other row, after a few of them you’ll see how it works.