Decreasing number of stitches doesnt add up

Hi, I wonder if someone could help me with the number of stitches. I can’t seem to get them right after decreasing them.

From Row 5 to Row 30 it is all 87 stitches. At Row 31, it decreases to 73 stitches. which means i need to lose 14 stitches. but no matter how many times i count/knit/recount/reknit, I can only lose 7 stitches. There are 7 psso. so I lose 7 stitches. So how do i get to lose 14 stitches ?

instructions as below:

Row5: [K3, m1] to last 3 sts, k3 (87 stitches)
Row6:[K1,p1] to last st, k1.
Row7:[P1,k1] to last st, p1.
Row8:[P1,k1] to last st, p1.
Row9:[K1,p1] to last st, k1.
Rep rows 6-9, 5 times more.
Row30:[K1,p1] to last st,k1.

Row 31:[P1,k1] 3 times, sl2 pwise, p1,psso, ([k1,p1] 4 times, k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso) 6 times, [k1, p1] 3 times. (73 sts)

Breakdown of Row 31 in detail:
Row 31: P1k1,p1k1,p1k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso, (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), (k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1p1,k1, sl2 pwise, p1, psso), k1p1,k1p1,k1p1

Would really appreciate any help! Thank you !

The decreases (sl2 pwise, p1,psso) each decrease 2sts. Slip 2sts purlwise then p1 and pass the two slipped sts over.

Interesting decreases. What is the name of your pattern?

Hi hi, thank you for your reply.

the abbreviations at the back defined sl2 as:
sl2 = slip 2 stitches from the left hand needle to the right hand needle without knitting them.
do i lose 2 stitches ?i thought it is just transferring from left to right needle. so no stitches are lost ? wrong?

the name of my pattern is: Peaked newsboy beret by Fiona Goble

Yes, that’s the way the pattern wants 2sts slipped. No sts are decreased at this step. The decreases come when you pass those 2sts over the p1. Lift them both up and over the p1 then off the right hand needle.

Maybe this one:

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do you mean:
sl2 pwise, p1, p2sso?
it should be p2sso right (pass 2 slipped stitches over). at the abbreviations page, there is psso and p2sso.
initially i thought after slipping 2 stitches to the right needle, then purl 1, then pass 1 stitch over. but seems like i need to pass 2 stitches over in this case.

the picture is what i’m trying to knit :slight_smile:

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That seems so painful to define p2sso and then not use it in the pattern. The stitch count makes passing 2sts over the correct thing to do. You can always message the designer to check and to alert her.

i see !
yes it does make sense now to pass 2 stitches over.
righto !
thank you very much for your help !!