Decreasing keeping pattern correct

Hello, I am new to this site. I have been knitting for quite a few years and thought I was good at it…until now!
I am knitting a cardi for a one year old which is a lacy one, 16 rows make the pattern, and I have to decrease 1 stitch at the BEGINNING of every 5th row keeping pattern correct. I started with 27 stitches and now have 24 left, I need to get to 19! I am stuck on the next row and have to keep unpicking it, the wool is now getting quite fluffy as you can imagine!!! The row I am stuck on is as follows: K3, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4 (27 stitches), I now have 23 and need 23 when I have finished as this is not a decrease row but I don’t know where to start, I have even written the row out longhand going backwards and I get the ‘holes’ in the wrong place! Is there anyone out there that can help a very frustrated knitter? Thankyou in advance x

If you can’t do a full repeat (yfwd, s1 k1 psso) on the row, substitute stockinette st for that repeat. For this row it would be:
[U]k5[/U], yfwd s1 k1 psso k4, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4, yfwd s1 k1 psso k4 (23 stitches), Instead of 4 repeats of yfwd, s1 k1 psso you only have 3 repeats.

Thankyou so much, its so simple when you know the answer, it has worked, I must have been doing something stupid…not a first! Thanx again!

It’s easy to get hung up on these kinds of things. It happens to all of us. Enjoy finishing up the rest of the cardigan.

also don’t increase/decrease in that first/last stitch of a row. work those 1 stitch inward. this will make it much easier for you to sew up the knits later.