Decreasing keeping in pattern

I am knitting a sweater. The pattern is Patons Cotton Top B7117. The pattern is a 16 row repeat. Everything is good until I have to start the decrease for the armholes. How do I decrease while continuing in pattern. Should I make a graph . I tried counting how many stitches I am decreasing and deducting it from the original beginning of the row but I just can’t seem to make it work. Any help appreciated.

If a graph helps you with the beginning of a row, then by all means make one. It may also help to look at the pattern on the rows that you’ve already completed. You want to keep that pattern aligned so that it’s continuous and there’s no jog.
If your pattern is a lace pattern with yarn overs and decreases, you’ll also have to watch that you keep the increases and decreases paired. You don’t want to work one without the other or you’ll have too many decreases or no decrease at all.
Often, if I can’t work a complete repeat, I work all or part of a pattern repeat as stockinette at the edges. Makes it simpler to decrease and stay in pattern.

Thanks for the help. I will try it and see how I make out.

I still can’t figure this out . The pattern is a 16 row repeat. If I send you the pattern could you help me? Any help greatly appreciated. Mabe