Decreasing in the round

So when I am decreasing and it says to k10 k2 tog but there are only seven stitches left before my marker do I just k10 then k2 tog anyway??

that depends on the situation
what are the 2 rounds before this one?
and the stitch count

Sounds like you didn’t have as many sts on your needle as the pattern does at that point. Which pattern is it?

it is cast on 66 stitches. knit until i decrease. It says k10 k2tog then knit two rows then k 7 k2tog. Do I just take the marker out and k10 then k2tog then put the marker back. I am confused. I worked so hard on this and do not want to mess it up this late in the game…

it is stitch cafe free patterns. basic hat.

That’s odd, usually the dec row sts should be even with the number you start with and 12 doesn’t go into 66. I’d change it a little… do k9, k2tog, knit the next 2 rounds, then k8, k2tog, knit the rows in between, then k7, k2tog.

Can’t find the link to the patterns, sorry, it’s not found.

I agree

I also agree with this. It sounds as if your pattern has some errors in it because the math just doesn’t make sense. I think that suzeeq’s solution is a very logical one, so I would follow that.