Decreasing in the round

Okay, this is probably a silly question, but I can’t seem to think past it. I’m working on the Foliage Hat from Knitty:

Under “Hat Body,” it says:
Work all sts onto larger circular needle as follows:
[I]Next Round:[/I] [K to last st on needle, k this st together with first st of next needle] 4 times. The last st of the round will be worked together with the first st of the round. Place a st marker after this st to indicate beginning of round.
64 sts remain for [B]Version 1[/B], 96 sts remain for [B]Version 2.[/B]

So here’s my question: on the first round, the first and last stitches are worked together - does that then become the first or the last stitch of the [I]next[/I] round? It sounds like it becomes the last (hence the advice as to where to place the marker…) Am I right? The decreases are screwing with the nice cross-shaped seam on the top of the hat - one of them kind of trails off into this uneven “V” shape, which doesn’t happen in the picture.

Ideas? And thank you! This pattern is easy but interesting, and the Malabrigo yarn is heaven to work with!


Hi, Karen,

What a lovely project! Should be very pretty once you’ve done.

It’s hard to see how the decreases for the row you’ve posted match/don’t match with the rest of your work… but my gut reaction would be to do some kind of fudge so that it does match up with the decreases shown in the picture.

But to answer your question, the last stitch that results from knitting the last stitch of the round with the first stitch … becomes the last stitch as per the pattern: “Place a st marker after this st to indicate beginning of round.”

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Dot - it really helped to have that confirmed!
I think I’ll have to fudge the decreases a few times until I get it right. :slight_smile: