Decreasing in ribbing

Okay i am working on my first mitten. i have 28 stitches on my DPNs. i am doing k2 p2 ribbing for three rounds. The instruction says to decrease 4 stitches evenly throughout the last round. the trouble i am having is wrapping my head around how to do that without messing up the ribbing. can someone help me with the Kx number of stitches k2tog part?


If its the last round of ribbing, it wont matter much…

I agree with Kelley. Just space them evenly, and I think that if you do them in the purl stitches that would look the best.

apparently you two dont understand how anal i am about pattern! :wink: okay …works on getting over it

(ridiculously harry potter giddy right now…heheh)