Decreasing in moss stitch

How do I decrease one stitch at armhole edge and still retain the pattern

What row of the moss stitch are you decreasing on? I really don’t think it matters whether you are binding off as a knit or a purl as long as make sure you continue the pattern correctly afterwards especially since it is at the armhole edge.

every row at armhole edge but then the pattern goes wrong

Are you doing a selvedge stitch? My preference is for the decrease to be one stitch in from the edge and if I’m planning a seam I work the edge stitch in stockinette because it’s easier to seam IMO and makes increasing or decreasing easier to deal with. Anyhow, one stitch in from the edge I will work a 2tog in knit or purl depending on what that stitch would be anyhow. When I’m on the next decrease I’d do the same. The pattern does get distorted but it shouldn’t be really noticeable.Decreasing every row is somewhat uncommon, you might want to double check that just to be sure.

The decrease is going to disrupt the pattern at the edge and you won’t go back into the written pattern for a few rows, depending on the moss stitch you’re using. You can either follow the written pattern and take into account that you have one less stitch or you can begin to read your knitting.

Reading your knitting is a very useful technique to have. Basically, you look at the previous rows and determine how to work the current row so that you maintain pattern. So work your decrease and then look at the row below. If there’s a knit stitch, work a purl stitch on the current row and so forth.

Which pattern are you using? Can you give us a link to it or a pattern name?

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Thank you for your help. I have tried changing the stitches but still looks odd.The pattern is Jenny Watson designs 5021 babysoft dk with cashmere.Do you have any recommendations for uncomplicated baby cardigans and blankets.Again thank you for your reply and I look forward to hearing from you.Caroline

Very sweet sweater. Moss or seed stitch makes such a lovely fabric.

The edges are going to look different because of the decrease, the k2tog or ssk but they will be hidden in the seam. If you like you can make all the edge sts knits before working the decrease or since this will be part of the seam, you can even decrease by binding off a stitch at the edge. As long as you maintain the pattern in the main part of the row, the sweater will be perfect.

Have you joined Ravelry? There are hundreds of baby patterns available there. You can search for beginner or simple cardigans or blankets. You can search only free patterns or you can do an advanced search specifying yarn weight, needles size etc.

Thank you so much for all your help and I hope you have a good weekend when it comes.Caroline