Decreasing in Lace pattern

I’m making the Fir Cone Cardigan from Vermont Fiber Designs.

When the instructions go to split the sides from the back, it says to dec 1 at armhole edge. Because this pattern has yo and psso combinations, I’m having difficulty making the decreases accurately.

Any advice on how to do this. I’ll get the instruction and actually post the stitch pattern in a bit but thought if anyone has any hints, I’d appreciate it.

Right now I’m doing knit 1 and then k2tog at the edge, but somehow that doesn’t decrease 1 or it either decreases 2 depending on where the pattern design is.

Thanks for any hints.
Dee Dee

The general rule of thumb is that if you have a yo you have to have a k2tog to go with it.

If you are at the edge where there is a yo but no k2tog, you can just leave out the yo and do your k1, k2tog.

If you’re at the edge where there is a k2tog w/o a yo, you can count that k2tog as your decrease.

well, that makes sense. Thanks Ingrid.