Decreasing hat

New to knitting
Starting to decrease a hat
This is the pattern
1st row k1 *k2tog. Kk22.ssk. rep from * to last St. K1. 98sts.
Is this Decreasing from one side only

No, the ssk is another decrease (slip, slip, knit the two together.) I messed up on that instruction when I started too. It looks like you have four repeats there.

Thanks. I’m struggling where to do the decrease Do you mean four repeats throughout the whole row 1st attempt just did them at the beginning of the row

Depending on how many times you will follow those instructions in 1 row - IE, K22, SSK - if you have 94 stitches (for example) you will follow those instructions 4 times, giving you 5 decreases in that row (including the first K2tog)

What pattern are you doing? It helps if we know so we can see it if you have a link, too. This isn’t a simple, tradition hat decrease so I’m wondering.

Ah . I get it thanks

All the way through the row. The “98 sts” at the end of the instruction is how many you have at the end of the row, after the decreases.
There’s a single knit stitch at each end of the row, not in the pattern, that I would assume is the seam allowance. If you want to use stitch markers after each repeat, they can help you.

Just to help you visualize it:

This kind of decrease gives you four wedges/slices/pieces of pizza. You’re decreasing in on either side of the slice and it’ll end up looking like there are four cuts/seams/lines that meet at the point of the hat when you’re done.

It just creates an interesting design element there rather than a spiral, which might be used on the next hat you try. A lot of people like it for hats for men as it’s not swirly.