Decreasing from a graph pattern

I have one more row of knit st. the one with 62 stitches, it looks like the next row will be a purl row and the decreasing has to be done on a knit row.
I hope I didn’t end up with that 62 st row being a knit when it should be a purl as to then begin the decrease on the next one.
Am I binding off a few stitches before I begin the first decrease stitch in the next row? counting on the graph it looks like the decreasing begins about 4 stitches in from the right side.
I am so confused at this point, and am not sure if I have made it hard for you to understand. once I get past this first dec. I then can continue on.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks Connie

You would BO at the beg of both the RS and WS rows. There’s no other decreases except the BOs at the beginning of the rows.

The first decrease is 4 sts at the beginning of the row and then 4 sts at the beginning of the next row. From there on, for the rows I can see, it’s one stitch each row.

Right, it’s kind of shown as a BO but Misty could do a dec at the beg and end of every RS row.