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I am knitting a touque -got the pattern from freeknitting-Called Men’s Knit Pom Hat courtesy of (hat is blue with green accent). I have 73 stitches on and am up to where I should be decreasing BUT the first row of decreasing is suppose to have 65 sts. remain but it is 63 and I believe the pattern is incorrect. They want me to K1, K 2 tog., K7, K 2 tog and continue to the end of the row. C
Can someone help me with this - it is a Xmas present for my son but I cannot figure this out. Thank you in advance. My email address is

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The only way I can get this to work is to leave out the second k2tog. If you do the row as K1, (K 2 tog., K7) and repeat the directions in parentheses 8 times it takes 73sts to work and leaves you with 65sts. The further dec rows would be worked by replacing the k7 with k6, then k5 etc.

I would like to thank you so much for figuring this out for me – I couldn’t get my head around it.

Many thanks again

Ah, coming from a French source, repeats may be noted in this different way. Or could be author or translator preference?
It does mirrors a common method in maths notation for repeating decimal fractions.

I didn’t know that. Speaking of decimal fractions, I’ve just had terrific fun with the local kids and our jack o’lantern.


Happy Halloween everyone!

I contacted you yesterday re this touque and again thank you. I completed it last night and it worked out well. The only problem is it fits ME perfectly but I am a woman and don’t have a large head.

I would like to make one that would fit my husband and I calculated that if I cast on 81 stitches and carry on as you advised me except the first row would be K1 (K2tog( K8 instead of 7)

I am a beginner knitter so am wondering if this would make the hat too large for a man – and I imagine I would have to make it a bit longer – instead of working 25 rows – how many should I go if I am

correct about the rest.

Thanking you in advance


Your calculation for the decreases is correct. As for the sts to cast on, it depends on how much bigger you need to make the hat. You’re right that you should make the hat a bit taller too.
You can measure the sts/inch on the body of the hat you’ve made (measure over 4" for more accuracy). If you know the man’s head size then you can calculate how many more sts to cast on. You might also use a generic man’s hat size (see measurements at the bottom of this page).