Decreasing for a sweater neck

I am knitting my first sweater and am confused about decreasing. The pattern says to decrease first stitch every row at the neck opening. On the left side, K2tog and SSP seem to work best and on the right side, P2tog and SSK.

Is this correct?

I would work k2tog at the end of RS rows, and p2tog at beg of WS rows; and ssk at the beg of RS rows, ssp at the end of WS rows.

I’ve found that that keeps the decreases leaning the same way.
Hope that helps.

I understand that the K2tog and P2tog slants right and the ssk and ssp slant left but I thought the slants should slant away from the next edge? I am still learning can you explain this to me? :??

It all depends on how you want it to look. Personally, I do all my neck decreasing so the decreases flow with the neck shaping. It’s just the way I like doing it.

If you would prefer the slants to go away from the neck then you could do it this way:

SSK at end of RS rows; SSP at beg of WS rows

K2tog at beg of RS rows; p2tog at end of WS rows.

It’s a personal preference.

Thank you so much, I struggle with which way inc and dec slant. I have always made my inc and dec slant way from any edge.(sleeves, neck, sides etc) Or at least I think I have. :oops:

You are very knowledgable on which way stitches slant. I am still learning so can you tell me which way a Kfb slant?

It doesn’t really slant, but sort of hangs out' from the left side of the stitch. That's why it's a kind ofuniversal’ increase because it doesn’t have a noticeable slant.


Thanks, that solves that question. :happydance: