Decreasing for a sleeved poncho (Mary Maxim)

Intstructions: Row 5: (dec row) K to 2 sts before marker decrease, this I understand then it says Continue to work Center Panel between marker and St st outside of markers , as set AND AT THE SAME TIME, DEC ONE ST AT EACH SIDE OF CENTER PANEL (AS ON ROW5), on every 4th row following until 174 sts rem. [/b][u] Does this mean I decrease on both the 4th and 5th row.
I have read and reread and it just isn’t coming to me. HELP please and thanx.

it means do one decrease on each end of the center panel, which should be between markers, on row 5, so you’re decreasing by 2 stitches on each row. then every 4th row you do the same thing, so row 9, 13, 17…until you have the correct number of stitches left, which is 174.