Decreasing for a neck gator

:XX: [color=indigo]I need help with a neck gator I’m making for my husband. I am not using a pattern but instead just making it up as I go. I cast on 90 stitchs and have garter stitched to where I am now. I need something on the bottom to make it snugger around his neck. What I have in mind is to decrease and then come back with stitching ridges for a couple of rows. And if a decrease is suggested would you please explain the decrease to me, I only know how to knit and purl.
Thank you,

Carol L.[/color]

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If you look above on the tabs, there are videos. Click on the Basic Techniques and you’ll be able to see different types of decreases.

Hi Carol,

I have seen some patterns for a neck gator and none of them decrease. It is just wide tube. Does it need to decrease? Remember it has to stretch over his head. I made one for my daughter in a ribbed pattern and did not decrease and it hugs her neck nicely.


I don’t know that it needs to decrease but the original pattern that I looked at to get how many I should cast on said 90 cast on and it just looks so big around. I thought by decreasing one row it would make it a bit snugger around his neck and hold more firmly so it doesn’t fall off. Right now it looks like a scarf. It will have a seam that I will mattress stitch for the back. I’m so new to knitting that I’m not sure what would work best.

I am sure that a more experienced knitter will jump in and help you out. I did mine on a circular needle to avoid seaming. With the ribbing, it looks small, but is very stretchy.


Well I used circular needles but I’m still learning so somewhere I messed up :?? Maybe I should start over and do the ribbing instead of just straight like I did.