Decreasing Broken Rib Hat... Help!

I am working on the Graham Hat pattern from Ravelry to knit a hat for my boyfriend. He has a big head so I cast on 108 stitches instead of 96 but now I realized that the decrease instructions in the pattern won’t work… Any tips for how to figure out how to decrease or adjust the pattern to work?

If you read through the ‘all helpful projects’ for this hat you will see where many people have made alterations for the crown decreases at rnd 19. this is jCope’s ravelry project for this hat as an example.
The pattern is a 3 st repeat so you should be ok with 108 sts.
It’s probably worth browsing through all the helpful projects as you may find someone else who has cast on with the same stitch count and has made notes detailing how they worked it.
Good luck with your project :smiley: