Decreasing both sides of seed stitch :(

I have been making this really cool tie in seed stitch and have been doing great until now at the decrease rows. I learned to knit a looooong time ago and picked it back up to make this present.

I am not able to post the link but it is called “Free Knitting Pattern: Knit Necktie” From Lion Brand.

I’m stuck at “Dec Row Keeping to Seed St pattern, dec 1 st each edge – 12 sts. Work 7 rows even.”

So my questions are…1.) Does it matter if I am on a row that starts with a knit or a pear stitch? I am assuming it would have to be a row that should start with a K?
2.) I am working seven rows after the decrease row. So, in the first row of the seven (If the row above started with a k2tog) then would I have to K the first stitch and then follow the seed stitch pattern?
3.) Is it seven rows including the first decrease row?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, sometimes I have a habit of making things harder for myself.

Thanks for any feedback!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The row can start with either a knit or a purl, no matter. You can still decrease at the ends of the row.
Don’t worry about the k2tog. Work either a knit or a purl stitch, whichever will keep you in pattern for the rest of the row.
The 7 rows (and later the 35 rows) don’t include the dec row. It’s 7rows worked between dec rows.

It’s a lovely project. Enjoy making it.

So when I am decreasing and it should be a pearl stitch, should I p2tog?

That’s a good idea. You can try a swatch to test out the appearance of the decreases and see which you like better.