Decreasing as set

Help please. I am a fairly new at this…

I currently have 93 stitches on my row, what does the following mean:

buttonhole row: K2, k2tog, y2rn, skpo, k to end, decreasing as set. 85 sts.

It is the “decreasing as set” that I don’t understand. How can I go from 93 to 85 stitches especially when y2rn means putting the yarn around the needle twice (I think).

After I figure out what that means, this is the next line: Work to end, working twice in y2rn.

I’m not sure at what point “working twice in y2rn” happens??

Change to smaller needles.

K to end, decreasing as set. Oh no, the decreasing as set is back again!

Thanks, appreciate any help out there.

The “K2, k2tog, y2rn, skpo” instructions are just for making the buttonhole at one edge and only on the buttonhole rows. The decreases are on the other edge where you’ve probably been doing them on previous rows.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have been decreasing on previous rows but it was occurring at each seam (2 stitches at 4 different points for a total of 8 per row).

On the next row, “Work to end working twice in y2rn”, am I supposed to do the full “K2, k2tog, y2rn, skpo, k to end” on the last 6 stitches?

No, this ‘K2, k2tog, y2rn, skpo’ is on one edge at the beginning of a row; on the following row you’ll knit to the end where the double yo is and either purl into one loop and knit into the other, or knit, then purl, or purl into first loop and ptbl into the next. The double yo (y2rn) is making up 2 sts for the 2 decs (k2tog, skp) you did. Your decs will continue at the ‘seam’ points, this is just at the edges to make the buttonholes which will be on one edge only; the other edge will be a plain knit/garter st or whaever you’ve been doing for the buttonbands.