Decreasing and ribbing

So I am working on this for the first time and am confused:

When I start the decrease the ribbing goes all haywire. How do I prevent that from happening?? I am picking up a stitch and keeping with the knit one, purl one…

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is a way to keep a k1p1 ribbing going when you decrease, so it seems that they switch to all knits for the top of the hat.

hmm but won’t knitting all around look funny?

Apparently the designer didn’t thing so. I think trying to maintain ribbing would look funny, though. I think knitting it all probably is the best solution.

This would work much better with k2/p2 ribbing instead of k1/1… might change the look of the hat a bit, but worth a try. When you get to the decreases, do a row of k2tog/p2, then a round of k2tog/p1, then k1/p1 for 2 rounds, then k2tog around until your stitch count is small enough to gather.