Decreasing an odd cable pattern

Hi, I’m trying to decrease the sand wind cable pattern in the round which goes:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: C6F, k6; rep from
Row 4: knit
Row 5: Knit
Row 6: knit
Row 7: k6, C6B; rep from
Row 8: knit

This is how it looks when knit

Does anyone know the best way to decrease this pattern. Thank You

Because it’s so interconnected, I don’t see any simple way to decrease in the pattern. You may have to give up the cable pattern when you get to the decreases.
Is this for a hat that you are designing?

Yes it’s for a hat.

You may have to give up the cable design at the decreases and go to stockinette.
One other possibility is to experiment with decreasing every 6th stitch on the knit row so that your cables become 5stitch cables and then 4stitch cables. I haven’t done this but it might work.