Decreasing a sweater size

Ok folks, I have another question! I will be a grandma in April (ack! at 43!) and I am looking for infant patterns. I found a darling pattern for a baby sweater, the sizes are 6 mon, 9 mon, 12 mon. I’m having a hard time finding anything snazzy for a newborn. Can I decrease the size of the sweater to a 3 mon or a newborn?? The cast on stiches are in multiples of four, if I decrease in multiples of 4 will the pattern stay the same and just be smaller? I don’t have any knitting software so I’m just thinking how I could do it.


[color=indigo]Not exactly sure about sizing down, :?? however, when the baby is six months old s/he will need a sweater… My newest granson was born right before Christmas and I just finished a one year size for him for next winter. Just a thought… :teehee: [/color]

I just wanted some cute things that can be worn when the baby is born. I will probably do the the sweater in six months anyway since it so cute.

I made the identical pattern last year, one using dk weight cotton and smaller needles, and one using worsted with larger needles. The dk weight was definitely an infant size, and the worsted was about 3-6 month size.

You can make any pattern smaller with smaller yarn and needles.