Decreasing a rib


I’m a newer knitter and have gotten myself rather confused while working on a hat. It is 48 stitches in the round, with a k1 p2 repeating pattern. The issue is now that it is time to decrease for the crown, I’m not sure how to do this to continue the pattern. I’ve tried to work it out a few different ways, and nothing is making sense to me

Any suggestions?


@ksl Here’s a video that looks pretty good. My sound isn’t working at the moment so I have no idea what she’s saying, but the video itself has some text. See if it helps and come back and ask for more if it doesn’t.

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Nice video, Jan. The sound and the demonstration are both very clear.

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Thank you so much, this video was super helpful!

I’m now just wondering, if my pattern is a 3 stitch repeat, would it make sense to do the first round of k1 p2tog, then follow with a second round of ssk?

@ksl Oh that’s right. You are doing k1p3. Hmm… I think I would still do the k1 p2tog. That will give you k1 p1 at that point. Hmm…not sure about ssk. Let me look around and I’ll get back to you.

The ssk would work as would a k2tog on the second round of decreases. Either way you would do the dec so that the knit stitch comes out on top and you are left with all knit sts for the next round. At least, that would be my preference.

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