Decreasing a hat

I’m currently knitting a hat in the round, and I’m at the point where I need to start decreasing. Its 100 stitches exactly, and I was planning on splitting it into 5 sections of 20 stitches, and decreasing every row since it’s so few. Would this work? Would it be better to split it into 10 sections of 10 stitches and decrease every other row? I’ve never knitted a hat before, and I want it to decrease gradually. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Ten sections of 10sts is the more conventional way to work these decreases. Decreasing every other row will give you a more gradual decrease. Best thing to do may be to try one way or the other and see if you like the result.

You might put in a lifeline at this point in case you need to rip back.

Thank you! I decreased in ten sections and it came out just how I wanted