Decreasing a dress - Help

Hi can anyone help me please? I am a new knitter and find the hardest bit understanding the pattern. I am knitting a little dress as per the attachement and have finished the 2nd dec row and now I am really confused with how to continue. Its the circled part of the pattern. I am knitting the dress for the size 2-3 year old.

Many thanks

You’re going to continue repeating 3rows stockinette st, one decrease row. Repeat that over until you have73 sts on the needle.
So the next decrease row would be k35, ssk, k51, k2tog, k35. Then 3 row st st and another decrease row. This one would be k35, ssk, k49, k2tog, k35. Every time you decrease, the number of sts in the middle section of the dress decreases by 2sts until you are left with one st in that middle section (k35, ssk, k1, k2tog, k35) and a total of 73sts for the 2-3yr old size.
It’s an adorable dress, enjoy knitting it!