Decreasing a cabled beret

I’m making a cabled beret and I’m unsure on how to keep in pattern when I’m decreasing. At the beginning of the first decrease row it says: k2 tog, keep in pattern to last 2 sts. before marker, then ssk the last two sts. The first row went ok. The 2nd row I’m just supposed to keep in pattern. It’s the 3rd row I’m confused about because the last two sts before the marker are now a k st and a p st. Am I supposed to knit the purl st and the knit st together?

Can anyone help this knitwit?

frequently in a pattern like this you k2tog even though one of the stitches is a knit and one is a purl. You could also get the instruction to p2tog, but it depends on the look you want to achive.

You can keep your previous pattern going until the piece becomes to small to hold it.

If you’re to dec on the 3rd row, yes, you can do a k2tog on the k and p.