Decreasing 1x1 rib

I am knitting a sleeve and my pattern is telling me to knit 1 stitch, k2tog or p2tog, work in 1x1 rib until 2 stitches before the marker, ssk or ssp.

What would be the best way to do this decrease as cleanly as possible? I would prefer not to decrease double the amount.


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On the row you’ve given you decrease two, one at each end. That’s pretty standard so the seam line or center remains centered. If you only do one it will slowly be angled which won’t look nice.

Is that what you mean?

What pattern are you making and please post a link if possible.

Hi! It’s the Flaum:

If I K1 and then K2tog, that will give me two knit stitches in a row.

I’ve seen it suggested on other forums to K2tog twice to keep the 1x1 rib pattern, but I don’t want to decrease that quickly.

Same with if I P2tog. I will then have two purl stitches in a row. I know that decreasing on the other side with the ssk or ssp will keep things centered, but then I will again have two similar stitches in a row. I’m just confused as it says to continue in 1x1 rib when there will be 2 sets of similar stitches together.

It’s ok that you will have two of the same sts next to each other after the decrease. There may well be further decreases in the pattern that will bring you back into 1x1 rib.
The reason is that in 1x1 rib, the purl sts tend to move to the back into a ditch anyway making the knit sts more prominent. The decrease will still be there but it won’t distract from the overall line of the rib. I try to work k2tog or ssk where possible for the decreases rather than p2tog for this reason.
This is such an elegant looking cardigan.