hello, knitters…

finally, i’ve gotten right with gauge and started the sweater that i’d always threatened to start. i’ve knitted the ribbing on the bottom for the back and now the instructions tell me that on the next row, i need to dec 10 stitches evenly across the row. though i’ve figured out where to put the decreases, my question is: what kind of decrease? is it okay if i just k2tog? none is specified and i’d hate to mess up the pattern so soon by guessing.


best monday to all,


Have you checked out Amy’s page on decreases? It’s right here…

I’ve never made a sweater before but I might use two different decreases that slant towards the center. So on any decreases left of center back use a k2together, and on anything on right of center back use a left slanting decrease.

It works in my mind but you may want to wait for someone with more experience to make a decision.

You could use matching decreases if you want, but I think I would just do K2togs if it was me.

Matching decs are ususally used when they’re paired, or one at each end. K2tog works for me too, when they’re spaced across a row.

I think the rule of thumb is if nothing is specified then use k2tog. I read somewhere it’s always the default decrease.