Decreases to mirror increases

I am working in K1P1 rib. I cast on 2 stitches at the beginning of each of 6 rows. I used the cast on to increase instead of other increases, so I wouldn’t mess up the rib pattern.

So, now to decrease back to my original number of cast one stitches, should I bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of each of 6 rows? Or should I K2tog (twice) at the beginning of each of 2 rows? Or is there a third solution that I have not thought of?


In this case, I’d probably cast off to match it better.

Ok, next question. I added two stitches to my original count of cast one stitches. I have been slipping the first and knitting the last.

When I bind of the two stitches on each row, should I still slip the first stitch then bind off 2? Or bind off the first two of each row.

THis is what happens when I try to wing it. I know just enough to be dangerous.


This is a personal thing really… but I nearly always slip the first stitch of the row. Even if I’m casting off, I will slip that first stitch, knit {or purl} the next, and then pass the first stitch over the second. Personally, I think it makes the cast-off edge nicer and no gaping loops which I would have otherwise.

Thanks! I will try the same. My edges are coming out so nice, I would hate to screw them up now.


I have trouble keeping a neat edge if I don’t slip. Even if I’m going to be seaming it, or that edge is otherwise unseen, I still like it to be neat because I know it’s there!