Decreases on sleeveless sweater

I am knitting a sleevless T-strap in the back and the front is halter like with a ribbing neckline that attaches to the back t-strap. I have already made the back and once I got to 11" in . I bound offf 24 on each side and worked on the t-strap. ( I am not kniiting in the round).

Now, I am at 11 " on ther front the pattern calls for : Dec 1 st each side every row 8 times then every other row 6 times and then every 3rd row 2 times.— My question is: Should I leave 1 or 2 edge stitches or should I decrease the exact last 2 sts??

Thank you

I usually leave 1 st on each edge and then do the decrease. It helps when you have to seam it together later.