Decreases on boy's v-neck vest

I’m decreasing at the v-neck of a boy’s vest. The decreases look like a pleat in the vest. Have I done something wrong?
Thanks for any help.

What are the directions for the decrease and what kind of decrease are you using?

The decrease problem has been fixed, but now I have another question. These are the instructions: “To complete other side, work across sts on holder beginning at center front as established and work back.” Does this mean to attach another ball of yarn at the center of the v? I read somewhere that’s not a good idea. What should I do? I appreciate help with this very much.:wink: Pat

Yes, attach another ball of yarn or work with a new end of yarn (could be the other end of the skein). Sometimes the directions have you work both sides at the same time and sometimes you complete one shoulder and then start the other. I’ve never had a problem attaching a second strand at the center V and then later weaving in that end.