Decreases in an armwarmer

Could someone tell me how the following decreases are to be done…I had 2" of ribbing naturally and then the pattern asked me to P the next row, dec 16 sts across leaving 50 of 66 sts left.:teehee: Anyone care to assist? :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the help! NOT!!!:tap:

Why didn’t anyone respond???:teehee:


Welllllll, since you asked so nicely. :wink: After crunching the numbers the best way to go about your decrease that I could figure out (since purling together the fourth (4) and fifth (5) stitch still left stitches on the imaginary needle) is to purl the first three (3) stitches together and then purl the following two (2) stitches together. After that, purl every fourth (4) and fifth (5) stitch together until you get to your last six (6) stitches on your needle purl the first three (3) stitches individually and then purl the final three (3) stitches together. That should give you your desired decrease; however, my brain is about to shut down, so you might want to check it out for yourself with pencil and paper.