Decreases for armhole shaping in rev st st

I am doing a cabled vest pattern which has the background pattern in rev st st. The shaping asks for decreasing by one stitch on each side every other row and then it spaces it out a little bit. Usually, when I am doing st st it looks nice with that “fully fashioned” look when I use a k2tog and k2togtbl on opposing sides. But I am trying to find a good way to make it look nice since this sweater has the REV st st showing on the outside. Does anyone have any suggestions on the type of decreases to use when rev st st is the RS? (and which decrease would you use on each side to get the correct “slant” to the decrease?) I just want this piece to look really nice.

Thank you! Hapy Valentine’s Day! :heart:

I don’t believe the decs show so much on the purl side. You can experiment with p2tog and p2tog tbl, or just do the decs on the knit rows.


I am a little confused why you use p2tog tbl and k2tog tbl? I know the tbl twists the stitch but why are you using it to dec? Wouldn’t you use a right and left slanting dec? I am still learning and I am just curious. :??

I think I probably meant SSP rather than p2tog tbl. SSK and SSP slant a different way than k2 tog and p2tog. Other people aren’t the only ones who make mistakes late at night… :oops:


Thanks, I did not think you made a mistake, I just thought there was something about the p2tog tbl that I did not understand.

I checked the Harmony Guides Knitting Techniques Vol 1. And then, I tried p2tog and p2togtbl on a practice swatch and it seems to work. By checking the st st side (WS) of the work, the slants go the direction that I like it to go for armhole shaping. When I do anything with a “pass slipped stitch over (psso)” I tend to stretch the stitch out a little too much and I don’t like how it looks, so I never use that option. So I guess I will go with p2tog and p2togtbl. Thanks for your advice!