Decreases for a hat -- please help!


I am picking up knitting after not doing it for a while by knitting a hat.

I ran across this in the decrease directions:

1.) K20


2.) K0[1,0]

WHAT??? What does this mean??

I’m not sure as I’m not all that experieced but I thought that the numbers in ['s meant how many times to knit for different sizes.
For example. K0 would be for one size, the 1 would be for another size and the final 0 would be for a 3rd size.

However, how can you knit 0?

I’m interested in the anser to this as well just for interest sake.

Yes, I think Darcy is right. It is an indication of what to do for different sizes. Does the hat come in different sizes?

How do you K0? It just means for the size that that number corresponds to you just don’t do anything, just skip ahead to the next direction for your size. So if you were making the first size you would K1 and then continue to the next instruction. If you are knitting the second size, you don’t do anything right there, you just go on to the next instruction. Does that make sense?