Decreases aren't adding up to pattern directions

I have a pattern for a sweater that is worked in the round that starts with 154 sts.

[B]Shape Sides[/B]
Continue to work in established pats, and [I]at the same time[/I] on Rnds 6, 18, and 24, at the beg of rnd ssk(1), work to 2 sts before next marker, k2tog(2), work side panel, ssk(3), work to 2 sts before side panel, k2tog(4). Work even in pat until completion of Rnd 35 and with 126 sts remaining.

If I am counting corrrectly I have decreased 4 sts on each row for a total of 12 sts but the pattern said it should be 28 sts.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing?


HillPounder :knitting:

Based on what you have written it does not make sense.

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Is there supposed to be a decrease at the end of the round too?
Are there to be decreases before AND after the markers?

I copied the pattern exactly how it is written. I don’t have a link. I got it out of a Creative Knitting July '07 edition. I will scan the pattern tomorrow and put it in the thread.

It’s best if you [U]don’t[/U] scan the pattern and upload it because that’s illegal (infringement of copyright laws).

Instead, try going to the Creative Knitting Web site and see if there’s errata for this pattern.

Also, if you could give us the name of the pattern, someone here may have that issue and can take a look at it.

You shouldn’t post the entire pattern because of copyright laws. A few lines is fine but too much becomes a problem.

The pattern is called ‘Icy Blue Shell’. It’s on page 16 of the July '07 Creative Knitting magazine.

Checking the Creative Knitting website, there were no corrections listed for this pattern.

Icy Blue Shell on ravelry. Is this it?

Where are you in the pattern? Is it worked from the bottom up?

It is worked from bottom to top and I am on row 24 but it’s such an easy pattern that I would have no problem starting over if I could just figure this out. After this point in the pattern you start to increase and those increases add up correctly and I just figured in out!!! They had all the sizes (sts) in parentheses instead of the just the larger sizes so I was only looking at the first number inside the parentheses because that’s the one I was looking at when I started. Man do I feel like a dope!!!

:woohoo: I’m so glad you figured it out. There’s no reason to feel like a dope, that could confuse anybody! Good for you! It’s a very pretty shell, I’m glad you can get on with it now.

Me too!! Now I can be working on all 5 projects at once instead of just 4.:woohoo: :woohoo:

You can work on FIVE projects [U]at once[/U]? Pardon me for asking, but are you an octopus?

Meanwhile, I’m glad the light came on for this one. Sometimes its just the worrying it around that makes it finally make sense, and that worry around often involves others, so no need to feel bad about that!